Brief Review: Kung Fury (2015)

I’m not entirely sure what I’ve just witnessed.

If you were to take every 1980s pop culture reference imaginable and cram it into a thirty minute film, what you’ll be left with still won’t feel as nostalgic as Kung Fury.

It’s a frantic fever dream of neon lights, tyrants and tyrannosaurs, Norse Gods, David Hasselhoff and martial arts.  If that wasn’t enough, it’s all presented with the vintage VHS grain and a stunning synth soundtrack.

The story – if you can call it that – centres on the exploits of the titular character, a renegade Miami cop in the ’80s.  After being struck by lightning and bitten by a cobra,  Kung Fury (writer, director and star David Sandberg) develops extraordinary martial arts skills and promptly puts them to use by fighting crime.  After resigning from the force due to butting heads with his captain, Fury travels back in time to 1940 to kill Hitler.

Honestly, I’m not making this up.

If you’ve ever enjoyed anything from the 1980s, anything at all, then there’s definitely something here for you.  Everything from action movies to TV shows to video games from that time period are lovingly parodied.  At times there’s just too much to take in, so repeat showings will invariably show you visual gags that you may have missed. It’s really quite remarkable.

At first I was unsure whether or not to review Kung Fury.  It’s hard to classify it as a feature film due to it’s brief runtime and general … Weirdness.  However, there’s more entertainment stuffed into thirty minutes here than can be found in many full length features.  For that reason alone Kung Fury is worthy of not just a review, but a glowing one.

Kung Fury‘s only real negative is that it’s aimed at a very particular audience.  However, if you’re lucky enough to be a part of that audience, then you’ll be hard pressed to find a more entertaining half hour anywhere.

Plus it’s free.



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