Christmas Countdown!

The Coca Cola advert on the telly tells me that it’s nearly Christmas.  You know the one; the one where the massive lit up lorry trundles through snowy towns, handing out ice-cold bottles of fizzy pop to people who clearly would have preferred something a tad more warming.  That one.

I still struggle to see the connection between Christmas and Coke, but as soon as we see that articulated wagon whizz past the wintry pines, we know that Christmas isn’t far behind it.

With my default expression being that of a miserable old man, it may come as a surprise to most that I love this time of the year.  However, I sometimes need a little motivation.  The festive feeling doesn’t always surface when I’d like it to.  On such occasions, I always find that watching a few choice Christmas films works a treat.

So to celebrate the occasion – and to reinvigorate my flagging enthusiasm for it – over the next few days I’ll be highlighting five festive films that I religiously watch every year.  It simply doesn’t feel like Christmas to me until I’ve binge-watched all of them.

I’ll kick it all off tomorrow night with Scrooged.  After all, watching Bill Murray’s frosty cynicism melt and reveal a new-found love for the season seems a fitting start.

Come at me, Christmas!


4 thoughts on “Christmas Countdown!

  1. Looking forward to it, Scrooged is a fantastic movie, and a great take on the old Charles Dickens story. And ofcourse Bill Murray is excellent 😀
    Ps…that is ol’ Jack Burton that you are using for your avatar isn’t it? 😀

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