Dragon Age Origins – Technical Difficulties

Game Backlog Update #7

This post crosses  Dragon Age Origins off my epic list.  Here’s my take on it.

Dragon Age Origins

I’d love to regale you with tales of my bravery in battle against the never-ending hordes of Darkspawn but, the truth is, I can’t.  Not because I’m terrible at Dragon Age Origins (which I am), but because the game doesn’t seem to want me to play it.

I spent an age creating my character, from fiddling with the appearance sliders to lamenting the lack of moustache options for my human female.  When I was finally content with my disappointingly glabrous woman, I set her loose upon the world.

DAO Character 1.jpg

She would have had the most magnificent red ‘tache.

The introductory missions differ depending on which character backstory you choose but they all lead to the same conclusion.  Eventually you will be recruited by the Grey Wardens to aid them in their ongoing fight against the Darkspawn.

Unfortunately this is where everything went tits up for me.

For some reason my copy of Dragon Age Origins crashes at the exact same moment every time.  As soon as I enter the ruins of Ostagar, the forward base for the Grey Wardens, the game closes and I’m left gawping stupidly at my desktop wallpaper.  It boils my piss because I was really enjoying the story up until that point.

Now, the first time this happened I assumed that it was a corrupt save or something, so I decided to start all over again.

Back on the character creation screen I opted for a mysterious looking Mage instead of my warrior woman – the better facial hair options may or may not have been a factor in that decision.  Once again I went through the opening missions and found myself joining up with the Grey Wardens.  Yet again I was met with the same problem as before.  Apparently it wasn’t a corrupt save file after all.

DAO Character 2.jpg

Just look at that soup-catcher!

Just to be sure, I started again anyway.  Third time’s a charm, right?

I quickly cobbled together a rather feeble looking elf and ploughed through his introductory missions.  I hastily got him to Ostagar when, you guessed it, the game crashed.  Needless to say I was a tad miffed.


Apparently this is what Ostagar looks like.

I thoroughly enjoyed what little of the game I got to experience.  The way the story adapted to my characters and how people reacted to their different backstories showed an incredible attention to detail.  I had no reason to believe that this level of detail wouldn’t have continued throughout the rest of the game.

It was infuriating because this felt like an RPG that I could have spent an awful lot of time with…

… If only I could just get past Osta-fucking-gar.

There’s probably a patch available to fix this particular bug but it has pissed me off to the point where I can’t even be arsed to look for it.

So I’m sorry, Dragon Age Origins, I will eventually get you fixed and playable but for now I’m crossing you off my list.

EDIT: I was only joking about the moustachioed woman thing.  It’s not something I’m into nor is it something that I wish to make light of…

… Just shut up Greg.


4 thoughts on “Dragon Age Origins – Technical Difficulties

  1. I’ve tried to resist but I’ll bite…

    Quick search and I’ve got a few ideas on what to try to hopefully get it working for you. I know better to try to explain them to you so I’ll remote in at some point and see what I can do.

    For other people that actually know how to use a computer; sounds like you need to either set the game to only use a single core, force it to use DirectX9 or put it in windowed mode. Instructions on these can be found online but if I get it sorted for our PC-novice author I’ll post the fix here!


    • You’re a good lad, I don’t care what they say!
      I knew you couldn’t resist a technical problem to solve … 😛
      As far as being a novice, mate, you know what I’m like. I’m surprised I can turn the bloody thing on.


      • So after many hours (Seconds) researching this I’ve decided you need to learn this stuff yourself and fix your own problems!

        Lol, yeah because that would happen!

        Seriously though, the game just got announced as one of next months games with gold on XB1 so you can just play it on there instead, unless you really want me to take a look at the PC version?


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