Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project and Alien Breed 3: Descent

Game Backlog Update #11

It’s time to trim some of the fat from my game backlog.  Here are two more Xbox 360 games I can scrub off my list.

Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project
(Xbox 360)

Duke Nukem Cover

What can I say about Manhattan Project?  Well…

… The music’s pretty good.

That’s about it, really.

It’s a hastily cobbled together platform game with bad level design and worse textures. The movement controls are clumsy and the camera is bizarrely tied to the right thumbstick.

On a positive note, the guns feel quite visceral and Duke’s polarising sense of humour is very much on display.  It’s just a pity that his occasionally funny one liners are repeated endlessly, to the point where they immediately stop being funny.  There’s only so many times you can listen to the same cheesy puns and crude knob gags before it gets old.  Would it have been so difficult to add just a few more different lines of dodgy Duke dialogue?

That music, though.  It is rather good.

It turns out I had a few things to say about Manhattan Project after all, and not all of them negative.  Who knew?

Alien Breed 3: Descent
(Xbox 360)

Alien Breed 3 Cover

The problem I have with Alien Breed 3 is that it feels exactly the same as its predecessors.  There’s literally nothing that distinguishes this from the others.

At least the second one experimented with sections where your ability to move the camera was temporarily revoked in order to create more cinematic moments.  It was a welcome tweak to a winning formula that showed that the developers wanted to improve their series.  Sadly, there are no such tweaks here.  While the camera is once again wrested from your control at certain points, it doesn’t have nearly the same effect as before.

Descent is not a bad game by any stretch of the imagination.  The gameplay and the atmosphere is still as fun and intense as it was in the previous games, but that’s only because they are exactly the same.  Rather than tinker with their work and find ways to improve it, Team 17 seemed content to rest on their laurels.

If you weren’t burned out by those that came before it, then Alien Breed 3 is worth your time.  But for me, this was a drab ending to what could have been an excellent trilogy.  If only Team 17 had pushed the boat out a little more.



8 thoughts on “Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project and Alien Breed 3: Descent

  1. That Duke Nukem game was one of the last games I played before I quit playing alltogether. It was really not a very good game, but the thing that somewhat saved it was Duke’s usual sense of humor lol😂

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