Brief Review: Most Likely To Die (2015)

A sub-standard slasher flick that spends more time admiring its unnecessary poker metaphors than it does developing characters.

A group of former classmates get together for a high school reunion at a secluded beach house for a weekend. Little do they know that a crazed psychopath is also in attendance with sinister plans for all of them.

If that premise sounds familiar to you then it’ll be because you’ve seen at least one slasher movie. Seriously, they’re all the same. Having a group of unlikeable people cut to shreds by a masked killer is a tired old trope but, for some bizarre reason, it still gets used over and over again. It becomes less effective with each film that copies it but it would appear that some filmmakers aren’t all that interested in doing something fresh.

Fresh? At this point I’d settle for something different.

Most Likely To Die’s only attempt to differentiate itself from literally every other entrant in the genre is an overabundance of poker metaphors. Apparently, having a main character that plays cards for a living is a good enough excuse to burden an already weak script with multiple poker references. It doesn’t matter that her poker career only exists as an attempt to somehow make the numerous references relevant.

Who wrote this shit? Daniel Negreanu?!

In adhering to the overused formula for slasher movies, Most Likely To Die suffers tremendously. It’s thoroughly lacking in every department; the story is weak and borrows heavily from every other film in the genre, the characters are bland with zero depth and they are acted out by people who clearly don’t want to be there.

Most Likely To Die should have folded long before the flop. See? I can shoehorn in some poker references as well.



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