The androids in the Alien franchise appear in alphabetical order

Well, only if you go by release dates and not the series’ timeline…

The Alien series of movies contains some fascinating characters – mostly in the first half of the franchise, admittedly – but the characters I find the most interesting are the androids. A curious fact about these is that they all appear in alphabetical order.

First up is Ian Holm’s excellent turn as Ash in Alien, an initially incognito android that becomes more and more sinister as we learn more about him. From Aliens we have Bishop (Lance Henriksen), perhaps the only android in the franchise that wasn’t a complete twat.  Earning Ripley’s (Sigourney Weaver) trust after her horrific ordeal with Ash is testament to that.  Plus, he gets torn in half by the alien queen during the final scenes, a hero’s death if ever I saw one.  However, he doesn’t technically die as he appears in Alien 3, but by that point he’s just a wet mess of white goo and flaps of flesh.

He seemed taller.

Next up we have Call (Winona Ryder) from Alien Resurrection, an unremarkable character from a car-crash of a movie.  Moving swiftly on we have David (Michael Fassbender) from Prometheus.  This ‘droid is all kinds of mental, and perhaps one of the few things from Prometheus that was well-received.  Finally, Fassbender returned for Alien Covenant as a new android called Walter.

It’s uncertain if this alphabetical naming convention was intended from the start, but it does appear to be a conscious decision going forward.  Some claims circle the internet that Walter breaks this convention, but an interesting Reddit post by a user called “ChaseDFW” points out that Walter isn’t necessarily a new android, but rather an inverted version of David.  D is the fourth letter from the beginning of the alphabet. W is the fourth letter from the end.

So Ash, Bishop, Call, David and Walter.  All appear in alphabetical order.  I know the more pedantic of you will point out that Prometheus is a prequel, so David actually appears first.  To that I say, “Piss off, this is the order that the movies came out and it fits my narrative better!” 

So there.

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