That time a car appeared in The Lord of the Rings

Anyone with even a passing interest in fantasy fiction will know of J.R.R. Tolkien’s work.  The award-winning The Lord of the Rings films and the tomes they were based on have amassed an army of adoring fans, and rightly so.  Tolkien has built a richly detailed fantasy world full of hobbits, dwarves, orcs and …

… Cars?

Obviously, Tolkien didn’t write some random motor vehicle into his works as it would have ruined the immersion, but that didn’t stop one hilariously showing up in the movie adaptation of The Fellowship of the Ring.

The scene in question sees Frodo and Sam early on in their adventure travelling to the edge of their beloved home, The Shire.  Sam remarks that he’s never travelled this far from home before.  At this moment, an eagle-eyed viewer can make out a car trundling through the lush countryside at the top right hand corner of the screen. It’s a pity Frodo and Sam couldn’t cadge a lift, they would have arrived at Mount Doom in half the time.

Near the horizon in the top right corner, with a dust trail behind it.

Obvious cock-ups like this are surprisingly common in film.  There were a handful in this movie alone, from tire tracks made by modern vehicles and the blinking light of a passing plane.

Sadly, the car was edited out of the DVD releases.  It can only be seen on the version that was sent out to Academy jurors.  However if something exists it’ll eventually find its way onto the internet.

All of these little goofs don’t necessarily ruin The Fellowship of the Ring.  They might spoil the immersion a little, but the fact that such obvious errors made it past the editing phase is quite charming.  It shows that despite this being a colossal franchise, it was still crafted by some talented human beings, and human beings can – and invariably do – make mistakes.

Although, I am annoyed by Isildur’s suspiciously trendy footwear.

It’s hard to see in this still but those treads look awfully modern.

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