Greetings from this humble corner of the web!

Chances are you’ve stumbled on this page by accident, but do feel free to have a look around. Feedback is always welcome, good or bad.

Seeing as I spend the majority of my leisure time indulging in all things film, I thought I’d spend the remainder of it writing about them.  After all, a man’s got to have his hobbies!

I’m also an avid gamer, which means that I’ll be shoehorning some game-related content in somewhere on this site.  So stay tuned for that … Only if you’re interested, obviously.

Just a quick note regarding the categories:

About: Erm … You’re reading it now …

News: Where I bore you with updates regarding this site.

Brief Reviews: A collection of quick movie reviews with a clear five star scoring system.  How original.

Editorials: Opinion pieces on all things movie-related.

Games: Everything pertaining to videogames.  Like reviews.  And stuff.

Great Debates: Semi-interesting questions for you to discuss.

Index: Does exactly what it says on the tin.

Thanks for stopping by!


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