There’s a copy of Tetris that’s worth around $16,000

Tetris is one of the most popular and iconic video games of all time.  First released back in 1986, the geometric puzzle game has now been ported to multiple platforms, so it’s an easy game to find and play.  With that in mind, it seems strange that a copy of the game exists that is worth an inordinate amount of money.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger earned over $20,000 per word for Terminator 2

As far as big paydays go, Arnold Schwarzenegger has had some pretty tasty ones.  He allegedly pocketed $2 million for Commando, $3.5 million for Predator and a whopping $11 million for Total Recall, to name just a few, and that’s not even taking into account all of his earnings from bodybuilding competitions and his occasional dip into real estate.  Needless to say he’s fucking minted.

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Mad Max’s score was composed by Brian May (not that one)

I’ve seen Mad Max many times over the years and every time I see Brian May’s name in the credits as the composer I’ve never once batted an eye.  After all, he’s a household name for being an expert guitarist in one of the biggest bands in music history – Queen.  It stood to reason that he would be capable of scoring a film.

However, Mad Max was scored by Brian May, just not the fuzzy-haired guitarist of the same name.

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