I could be wrong but … “Tron Legacy” is better than “Tron”

The original Tron was, for its time, a visually groundbreaking film.  Embracing the arcade gaming culture of the early ’80s, it was a colourful, highly original visual feast.  It was a love letter to the computer generation and it made no apologies for that.

But it hasn’t aged well.  Not at all.

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I could be wrong but … “Commando” is the perfect action movie parody

Commando ticks so many boxes it might as well be called ’80s Action Adventure: The Movie. All of the trappings of that particular genre are present.  A hulking, barely clothed protagonist? Check.  A threadbare plot that serves only to tie action sequences together? Check.  Multiple explosions with acrobatic stuntmen flip-flopping away from them? Check, check, check.

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I could be wrong but … The upcoming “Blade Runner” sequel is a HUGE mistake.

There’s no denying the credentials of Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner; it’s a genuine masterpiece.  In the past I’ve written at length about my deep-rooted affection for it.  In fact, one of my earliest posts on this blog was a gushing, one thousand word appraisal of its complex themes and characters.

So you would assume that I’m incredibly excited about the upcoming sequel, Blade Runner 2049?

Well you would be wrong.  Very wrong.

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