That time a Bond villain parody became a real life villain

Random Task was one of the more memorable characters from the popular spoof spy film, Austin Powers.  An obvious parody of the notorious Bond villain, Oddjob, Random Task was a deadpan bad guy with devastating shoe-throwing abilities.

Played by Joe Son, Random Task is nothing at all like the humorous character he played on screen.  In fact, Son is currently serving a 27 year sentence for voluntary manslaughter.

Sadly, that’s just the thin end of a horrific wedge.

Joseph Hyung-min Son was born in South Korea in 1970.  He moved to California at an early age and had multiple careers as an MMA fighter, a professional wrestler and finally an actor.  His breakthrough role as Random Task in 1997 put him on the map, but his many convictions will forever tarnish his reputation.

In 2008, Californian authorities charged Son with his participation in a historical gang rape that took place in 1990, which left him facing a laundry list of charges including – but not limited to – rape, forcible sodomy and forced sexual penetration by a foreign object.  Were he to be convicted, he was looking at a potential sentence of 275 years in prison.

Son was eventually found guilty of some of those charges and was sentenced to just over 17 years.

However, his abhorrent behaviour didn’t end there.  In 2011 he brutally assaulted his cellmate, Michael Thomas Graham.  Graham would succumb to his injuries shortly afterwards and Son was sentenced to 27 years for voluntary manslaughter.

Judging by his appalling history of violence, it’s reasonable to assume that Joe Son will spend the rest of his life behind bars.  With all of the horrors that he has inflicted on others, it’s safe to say that the real life Random Task is a much more disgusting villain than the one that appears on screen.

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