We have a Discord server!

Just in case that title wasn’t obvious enough, Flick and Mix now has a Discord server that’s open to everyone.

If you’re interested in joining a fledgling forum of flick fans, click the link below.


For those who join, all I ask is that you be respectful to others. Don’t go being a twat, now.

The whole point of this server is to get us all together in one place so we can wax intellectual about our favourite movies, games and TV shows. There are text and voice channels for you to share your thoughts in. Anything from spoiler discussions to recommendations, even interesting facts that you’d like to share, the floor is yours.

There’s precious little meat on this bone yet but it’s early days. Eventually I’d like to branch out into podcasts and live community watchalongs, but the first step is to get you lovely people through the door.

Hopefully I’ll see you in there.

That time an actor needed a bodyguard to protect others from himself

John McTiernan’s Predator, apart from being a sci-fi masterpiece, boasts arguably the beefiest cast of all time.  So much so that Sonny Landham, a rather large and intimidating man himself, is dwarfed by some of his co-stars. 

Landham actually had a bodyguard on set, but it wasn’t to fend off the other alpha males on set, it was to protect the rest of the cast from him.

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Big Trouble In Little China: 4 Things you probably didn’t know

Is there a better director/actor combination than John Carpenter and Kurt Russell?  If there is, then I’m struggling to think of it.  This particular duo have graced us with such classics as The Thing, Escape From New York and of course, Big Trouble In Little China.

While we’re on the subject of Big Trouble, here are four things that you didn’t know about it.  Probably.

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Alost every Terminator movie was shafted by its own trailer

Trailers are the best marketing tool a movie can have. Within a couple of minutes, a good trailer can give you a feel for what an upcoming movie is going to be like, hint at interesting plot elements and showcase the main characters.  What a trailer should never do is reveal plot twists, which is something that the marketing department behind the Terminator franchise just can’t grasp.

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