Christmas Countdown Complete!

Over the past week I’ve been highlighting five movies that help me get in the mood for Christmas and, as a result, I’m now feeling suitably festive!

If you missed any of them, you can find them through the links below:

The Polar Express
Die Hard
Home Alone
The Muppet Christmas Carol

This list was by no means exhaustive, and I’m not saying that these are the best Christmas films out there – except for The Muppets, obviously – all I’m saying is that I always seem to  be able to find time to watch them every year.

There were many more films that I could have put on this list, there are more than a few notable exclusions that I’m sure people might disagree with, but I chose those five because of how I personally feel about them.

You never know, I might do another Christmas Countdown next year with five completely different movies.

Whenever I read about seasonal films online, it seems to be quite fashionable for people to dismiss Die Hard as a Christmas movie.  I’ve often wondered why that is.

Granted it’s not as self-indulgently sentimental as other festive flicks, but where is it written that all Christmas films need either of those things?  Surely a story that takes place on Christmas Eve can be counted as a Christmas movie?  A movie about a man trying to get home to his family, no less?

Anyway, I’ll stop rambling now.

Thanks very much for your time and merry Christmas to all of you!


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